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Grouping of service, social and telepresence robots
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How Robots Help

Service robot Bellabot in a restaurant

Service robots

Hospitality business owners can rely on robots to lend a helping hand as the service industry which encountered several issues such as longer waiting times and lower service quality.

The goal of service robot is to help elevate the service quality and ensure a better guest engagement.

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Telepresence Robot Temi
In-store transformation

The robots in stores free up workers from routine tasks enabling employees to have more time for customer interactions to elevate the customer experience.

However retail robots also help to collect valuable data about the customers' buying patterns.

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A human stroking the head of the social robot Pepper
Robots as ambassadors

Social robots are able to perform basic jobs such as welcoming guests, fun interaction, event promotion, and inquiries navigation and many more.

Smart robots leave undoubtedly a positive first impression and a brand new experience to customers.

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A little girl communicating with her friend via the telepresence robot Double
Robots in Healthcare

Robots support employees in healthcare. They trust the robots to deliver food from one place to another or to engage the patients in mental and physical exercises.

Just like in our every-day lives, robots are increasingly part of our healthcare eco-system.

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Telepresence robot Furhat on a desk next to a student
Engaging learning

The use of robots and simulation technologies have proven themselves to be worthy components of available educational resources.

The use of robots in the educational environement have shown their value in everyday learning and in the specialized education of students with disabilities.

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Our values
We are one of the most appreciated suppliers of non-industrial robots worldwide.

Our profound experience in hardware and software allows us to quickly understand and rapidly deploy the robot solution that meets the customer requirement.
Our mission
We bring robots to society.
We have gained experience in auditing manufacturers choosing only for quality and by conviction.

We create added value for humanity by bringing robots into our everyday lives that will benefit the society.
Our vision
An infinity of social interaction possibilities through the integration of robots into everyday life.
We aspire to a future where robots are part of our everyday lives and facilitate our lives.

Robots give us the ability to interact with other humans regardless of location and make physical distances obsolete.
Our Ecosystem
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7 locations with 130 service employees providing robot services such as installations, after-sales & repairs.
What our customers say about us
Moness Kaffeerösterei
Discover how our service robot helps this coffee roasters in Balgstädt to successfully open in the peak season despite their lack in finding  service staff.

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Go2 Market
Robots have rolled into retail and temi is one of them. In the new Go2Market, participants test new products, packaging and purchase incentives but also can be guided by the navigation robot temi...
Experts in Public Life Robotics
As full service provider we help you to deploy easily and quickly your robot solution.

We provide you with a large range of trustable robot brands.

We focus on customer service, support and sales of robots that fulfil useful and supportive business cases.
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