Full service provider for public life robots
Roboterly is THE FULL SOLUTION provider for public life robot that offer an all-around-carefree package and a ready-to-use solution for different industries.

We are a leading company that distributes intelligent robots for business purposes within Europe. We focus on customer service, support and sales of robots that fulfil useful and supportive business cases.

Thanks to our infrastructure we facilitate and accelerate the go-to-market of public life robots in Europe.
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What We Do

Robot Strategy
Our knowledge in Telepresence-, Social- & Service Robotics allows us to help our clients create a Robot Roadmap to meet their desired requirements.
Our focus is to act as a value creator for customers and manufacturers from all over the world. From the beginning and in the future.
Our team of experts guides customers through every step of the robot lifecycle. From creating a vision, to setting up their behavior and deploying them to your maintenance point.
Hardware/Software Programming
Through collaboration within our partner network, we are able to map different use cases for robotics and integrate them into your systems.
We support our customers in the onboarding process and train your employees to turn them into experts at your location.
Use Case Designing
We supply pre-designed use cases that customers can use. With the software of our partner Humanizing Technologies, our customer can also customize their robot to the maximum without programming knowledge.
Our Ecosystem
Humanizing Technologies Logo
7 Locations with 130 service employees providing robot services such as installations, after-sales & repairs.
Us and our Partners
Roboterly GmbH, a joint venture by Humanizing and Sertronics, is registrated for a highly synergized go-to-market approach combining sales of hardware and after-sales services to serve demand in Europe.
Humanizing Technologies Logo
Humanizing Technologies is a software company that provides an easy-to-use software to manage intelligent robots through an online platform. Robots can be set up for different use cases to fulfil specific tasks in business.
Sertronics provides customer support onsite and with a 24×7 Hotline to engage with customers. They offer deployments, trainings and remote-support for international customers with highly trained employees.
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